Island County Marine Resources Committee (MRC) is an advisory body to county government established in 1999 and comprised of many community volunteers who represent diverse interests and industries, with the common goal to protect and restore marine resources in the Puget Sound area through scientific monitoring, restoration projects, and community education.

Photo credit: Rich Yukubousky
Photo: Hugh Shipman

The 2021 Needs Assessment Summary is Live!

As a result of months of hard work conducting interviews and synthesizing data, the 2021 MRC Needs Assessment Overview is available for distribution! This concise document will inform the MRC's decisions for years to come. Check it out here:

2021 Needs Assessment Overview

For more supporting documentation, visit the 2021 Needs Assessment Project page.

Plastics on the Beach. Credit: Northwest Straits Commission

The Whole Family Can Make a Difference On Our Shorelines!

Join us in cleaning up our beaches and learning about the trash that we find on them. 

We've put together a fun activity that can be done with the whole family! Check out our Trash Clean-Up Graph, head to your nearest beach and see what trash you discover. Then graph your findings on the chart, properly dispose of the trash, and share your results with us!

Photo: Jan Kocian

Check Out Our Eelgrass Storymap!

Back in 2007, a concerned resident noticed that the eelgrass beds near her home were disappearing. She decided to take action, and soon community scientists embarked on a ten-year research project to learn about the health and distribution of eelgrass beds in Island County, Washington.

This Storymap covers what eelgrass is and its role in our ecosystem, the research that this community science team conducted, the Island County Marine Resources Committee, and ways that you can help protect this critical habitat. It features stunning photography and relatable science in an immersive platform.

After interacting with the Storymap, please fill out this learning assessment for a chance to win your very own copy of Sound Water Steward’s newest edition of Getting to the Water’s Edge on Whidbey & Camano Islands. The assessment will close on June 4th, and the drawing will be held shortly after.

Congratulations, Karis!

Meet Karis Barnes, the recipient of the 2021 Jan Holmes Island County Coastal Volunteer of the Year award!

Karis went above and beyond in her volunteer work at Deception Pass State Park this past summer. Her educational efforts and stewardship messaging helped reach over 20,000 visitors, leaving them with positive memories and nuggets of information about tide pool ecosystems.

Read more about Karis and her volunteer work here!