Island County Marine Resources Committee (MRC) is an advisory body to county government established in 1999 and comprised of many community volunteers who represent diverse interests and industries, with the common goal to protect and restore marine resources in the Puget Sound area through scientific monitoring, restoration projects, and community education.

Photo credit: Rich Yukubousky
MRC Meeting

Getting to the Water's Edge - Now Available!

Our partner Sound Water Stewards has published a highly-anticipated update to the book "Getting to the Water's Edge."

This guide to the Island County shoreline includes information about 69 beaches on Camano and Whidbey Islands, trail systems, stewardship best practices, local flora and fauna, and much more! Learn more about the book and grab your own copy here!

Credit: Nicole Jordan

MRC Communications Plan

How does the MRC reach the right audiences with engaging and actionable messages? The MRC communications subcommittee, led by Barbara Bennett, has developed a communications plan to help guide the MRC's outreach and communications work in the upcoming months and years. Check it out here!