Island County Marine Resources Committee (MRC) is an advisory body to county government established in 1999 and comprised of many community volunteers who represent diverse interests and industries, with the common goal to protect and restore marine resources in the Puget Sound area through scientific monitoring, restoration projects, and community education.

MRC Meeting
: Room B-102, County Annex Building, Coupeville

Restoration Planting Party

Be a part of a local nearshore restoration project! The Northwest Straits Foundation, Sunlight Shores Country Club, and Island County MRC have partnered to restore the community beach at Sunlight Shores in Useless Bay by removing old shoreline armoring (creosote pilings, riprap, and debris) and restoring the beach to a natural slope and composition.

Now you can help enhance this restored habitat by planting native vegetation! Join us on March 19, from 9:30am-12:30pm at the Sunlight Shores Country Club.

Craig and Joy Johnson accept award. Credit: Joseph Sheldon

Craig and Joy Johnson honored as 2019 Coastal Volunteers of the Year!

Craig and Joy Johnson were selected as the 2019 Island County Coastal Volunteers of the Year. The Johnsons have worked as a team, donating valuable artistic and writing skills in support of many Island County organizations.

The Johnsons use their talents to educate the public about birds and wildlife along the shoreline, inspiring the protection and preservation of these creatures and their habitats.

Fall in love with our nearshore!

As Island residents, we all have a special connection to the waters that surround us.

Watch this clip as some of our MRC members and partners share their connection to our local marine environment and how we all play a role in protecting and preserving this area that we love!

Inspired to get involved? We have open seats on our MRC! You can be a part of the work to care for our treasured natural resources! Find more information and an application here.