Driftwood provides a natural barrier on our shorelines. Photo: Kelly Zupich
Shoreline Education

Shoreline Education

Forage Fish Survey Class

Educating our community is an important part of our daily work. We do this in a number of ways. From working with classrooms, providing field and classroom experiences to hosting workshops with partners like the Shore Friendly Program. People protect what they love, and we see education at the core of the work we do. Keep an eye on our event page to see our upcoming educational opportunities. 

Here are some of the ways we work to educate Island County.

  • Classroom and Field Education
  • Crabber Education
  • Discover Our Island Shores Video and Curriculum
  • Shoreline Workshops
  • New Shoreline Homeowner Education Packets
  • Library Classes 
  • Presentations
  • Write Articles for the Whidbey Weekly Newspaper
Crabber Education
Swinomish Between Two Worlds Class
Orca Recovery Day Guided Walk
Shoreline homeowner workshop Intro
Protecting your Shoreline by Restoring Native Vegetation
Pathways to Shoreline Armor Removal
House Rescue
Coastal Processes and Sea Level Rise
Shoreline Education