The Great Northwest Glass Quest

The Great Northwest Glass Quest

Thank you for participating in The Great Northwest Glass Quest with us!

The Glass Quest is an annual treasure hunt on Camano Island and Stanwood to find beautiful hand-blown glass balls. We had a blast hiding balls and meeting up with the finders. We hope you enjoyed it too!


Clue 10 (Feb 23) - FOUND:  
This CISP place was HOT!
Said Al, "Oh, wait!"
That's not an order, 
Instead, it's a date.

Clue 9 (Feb 22): - FOUND  
With Cascades view, and Whidbey, too
This scenic vista is just for you!

Clue 8 (Feb 22): - FOUND
Thanksgiving's a hint, and Christmas, too! 
One ball can be found where three meets two.

Clue 7 (Feb 21): - FOUND
You don't have to search over hill and dale, 
Just look at one entry to Frodo's trail!

Clue 6 (Feb 20) - FOUND:  
On Emerson you'll find a tree,
with lovely curves, that yew will see.

Clue 5 (Feb 19) - FOUND:  
At the end of the Dike, 
The water will flow.
It will be on the wood top, 
Please don't look below.

Clue 4 (Feb 17) - FOUND: 
In CISP it's hidden for you.
Look high and low in zones one and two!

Clue 3 (Feb 16) - FOUND: 
Hurry to find this ball before dark,
It is hidden in a State Park.
Telling which park would ruin the fun,
But we will tell you it is somewhere in a Zone 1….

Clue 2 (Feb 15) - FOUND: 
To find this ball head to Camano’s east
And it will be in easy reach
You will not fail
If you remember to stay on the trail.

Clue 1 (Feb 14) - FOUND: 
It’s Valentine’s Day so show some love
And go to a Vista that is high above.
Find the clue ball and do your part
And you will win a glass ball with a heart!


Congrats to Our Finders!

The Great Northwest Glass Quest