Coupeville Middle School students learn about marine science on a field trip to Port Townsend funded partly by the MRC. Photo: Terry Welch
Advisory Projects

Advisory Projects

With more than 212 miles of shoreline, we in Island County depend heavily on the health of our marine environment. It affects our economy, food production, commerce, recreation, Navy operations and especially our quality of life.

As an MRC we help our community examine issues concerning the marine waters and nearshore so they may respond with informed understanding. We sponsor speakers and educational programs, workshops and field trips, and communicate our perspective to leaders at all levels of government. From time to time we contribute funds to partner organizations engaged in community outreach. Among our particular interests are:

  • Tidal energy generation in Admiralty Inlet
  • Ocean acidification
  • Shellfish protection and closures
  • Climate change and sea-level rise
  • Marine science education
  • Reconnecting tidal access to estuarine areas


  • Shoreline planning
  • Low-impact development
  • Public access to the shoreline
  • Oil-spill response planning
  • Adult environmental education, e.g. Sound Waters University
Advisory Projects