Island County Marine Resources Committee (MRC) is an advisory body to county government established in 1999 and comprised of many community volunteers who represent diverse interests and industries, with the common goal to protect and restore marine resources in the Puget Sound area through scientific monitoring, restoration projects, and community education.

MRC Meeting
Room B-102, County Annex Building, Coupeville
Restored area of Cornet Bay. Credit: Ruth Richards

Forage fish eggs at Cornet Bay!

We just got the analysis results back from our August forage fish surveys at Cornet Bay, and we have documented presence of surf smelt spawning within the restored area!

A creosote bulkhead and contaminated fill were removed from this area in 2012, and the beach was regraded to restore the area to natural conditions suitable for forage fish spawning. This finding indicates the first documented presence of smelt spawning at this site.

Read more about our forage fish survey project here.

Read more about the Cornet Bay restoration project here.

Jellies in kelp. Credit: Linda Rhodes

Help us capture a "snapshot" of bull kelp in Island County!

This summer, as part of our bull kelp project, we are asking for YOUR help in documenting bull kelp locations. You can report from land or water, and all you need to gather are GPS coordinates (you can even use a phone app for that)! Learn more about the project and how to enter your bull kelp sightings at the link below.