SoundIQ Frequently Asked Questions

Island County SoundIQ is a project by the Island County Marine Resources Committee to collect, map and present nearshore data online, using an easy-to-access, Internet-based platform.

Launch SoundIQ  or  Download the Quick Start Guide

  1.  How can I access SoundIQ?
    SoundIQ is an online map viewer, and can be accessed through your web browser as you would visit any other web page.
  2. How can I learn to use SoundIQ?
    Begin with the SoundIQ Quick Start Guide, which covers many of the basic functions of the application. Training videos may be added in the future.
  3. What does SoundIQ stand for?
    Sound Information Query. Sound refers to  the Puget Sound area as well as “sound” information, or well documented information.
  4. How do I find a street intersection on the map?
    To find a street intersection on the map, type both street names in the search box (upper right corner of the web page) separated by one of the following words/symbols: and, at, @, &. Use a street type for best results. For example: to find the intersection of Main Street and Oak Street you could type: Main St & Oak St. Capitalization is not important in this search box.
  5. What is the difference between the identify and the select tool?
    The identify tool gives information results for mapped features in a pop-up dialog box. The select tool provides results showing all records related to the selected location. The smart search option (upper right corner search box) allows you to search through all related databases and selected mapped features for keyword text.
  6. In the search box, what is the difference between choosing an item from the drop-down list or using the search button?
    Picking from the list will zoom to a specific feature on the map and load the features corresponding module information on a tab in the background. Selecting the search button will search each module for the text you have just typed and display the results as search results for all modules.
  7. Why are there duplicate labels in various sizes on the map? How can I remove them?
    This is caused when a web browser cache is not updating. A quick fix for this bug is to turn the label that is being duplicated off and then back on. For example: toggle the street names layer on and off in the table of contents.
  8. How do I remove the red lines after using the measurement tool or other temporary graphics on the map?
    The Clear Graphics Tool in the SoundIQ toolbar removes all temporary graphics on the map. The tool looks like a map with a small red circle in the lower right corner of the button.
  9. What internet browsers are supported by SoundIQ?
    The SoundIQ application supports Internet Explorer 7.0 and above, Firefox 3.0 and above, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari internet browsers.
  10. How reliable is the information in SoundIQ?
    There are a variety of different sources that provide the information available in SoundIQ. As a result, there are a variety of different levels of accuracy. The SoundIQ GIS staff use the best resources available to make as high a quality product as possible. If you know of information that can help make our mapping more accurate, please let us know by emailing Most GIS data includes an attribute noting the source and ranked accuracy that can be used to help determine the accuracy of a feature. The Island County MRC has developed these data and maps for its own use and users should review the data disclaimer page for more information.
  11. Where does all of this information come from? Does the Island County MRC maintain all of this information?
    Information displayed on SoundIQ is maintained by Island County MRC, and also are provided through regional, state, and national organizations.
  12. I think I found a mapping error. How do I report an error or problem?
    Contact us by email at Please include any information you have to support your findings as well as your contact information in case we have questions. We regret that we will not be able to confirm that a correction has been made in all cases.
  13. SoundIQ does not seem to be working properly. Who can I contact?
    Contact us by email at
  14. How can I download this information for my own mapping software?
    This information is available in GIS geodatabase format for download. Contact us at
  15. Do you have KML/KMZ files for this data?
    At this time, we do not have have KML or KMZ files available for download.
  16. Where can I find help for SoundIQ questions not listed here?
    Send your questions by email to