Harbor seal featured in "Discover Our Island Shores" video. Credit: Florian Graner
"Discover Our Island Shores" - Art Contest

"Discover Our Island Shores" - Art Contest

The MRC has been working with local schools to share the educational film "Discover Our Island Shores," produced and directed by Dr. Florian Graner. This film was developed specifically for Island County students, and features species and habitats found in our local waters.

In addition to sharing the film with local schools, the MRC hosted an art contest for students in grades 4-6. Students were asked to depict a marine plant or animal seen in the educational film "Discover Our Island Shores" and to answer the question "What will you do to make a positive impact on the Salish Sea?"

We received many beautiful and inspiring entries from local students! Below are the first place and runner-up entries in each grade category.

Grade 4 First Place - Riley White

"There are many ways that I will try to make a positive impact on the Salish Sea. I will try to pick up trash that I see so that we don't have junk out in the ocean. My family and I really enjoy walking on the beach, and we see wrappers, bottles, cans, and plastic. Next time I go to the beach, I will bring a bag to pick up trash. I won't fish because then we will be killing all of those poor sea creatures! Animals are part of our ecosystem! They deserve to live!"

Grade 4 Runner-Up - MaKenna Crisman

"The positive impact I will make on the Salish Sea is to recycle more often. I hate to see animals with plastic stuck around their necks, and probably you too, so everyone needs to try harder at putting plastic, paper, and aluminum in the recycle bin. If I put recyclable things in the trash, most of it will be floating around in the Salish Sea. I also might use the appropriate food waste for compost. But mostly, recycling is what I will do to make a positive impact on the Salish Sea."

Grade 5 First Place - Jasmine Bakker

"Research has shown that resident orca whales are endangered because of changes in their habitat, including a decline in their food supply. I can't supply the whales with more fish, but I can help keep the Salish Sea clean by picking up litter. Perhaps with a cleaner environment, the seals and fish that make up the orcas' diet can thrive. I hope that the Salish Sea will be healthy and beautiful for many, many years to come."

Grade 6 First Place - Carlie Kuschnereit

"To make a positive impact on the Salish Sea I will learn about it and use that information to make a positive impact on the Salish Sea. I will also make sure to recycle whenever possible and not litter. Also, if I find litter I will pick it up and dispose of it properly so it will not get into the water."

"Discover Our Island Shores" - Art Contest