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Stewardship Areas

We know that to succeed in our mission of protecting and restoring our county's most critical nearshore waters, we must earn the public's broadbased understanding and support. That is why in 2003 we asked the Island County commissioners to designate the waters of Admiralty Inlet, Saratoga Passage and Port Susan as educational marine stewardship areas. They are the cornerstones of our education and outreach to Island County residents and visitors.

The premise behind these stewardship areas is our belief that the more our community recognizes and values healthy-functioning nearshore systems, the more they will participate willingly in the personal and collective choices necessary to protect them. 

Almost everything we do involving our homes, businesses, gardens, farms, livestock, pets and vehicles ultimately affects marine life, habitat and water quality. The more we understand how, the better we can shape public policy and make informed decisions. We believe most people are not only willing but eager to help once they understand. It is neither possible nor desirable to regulate all human actions by law.

Resolution C-126-03, passed by the Island County Commissioners in 2003, establishes Island County's Marine Stewardship Areas.

The Saratoga Passage Marine Stewardship Area (MSA) encompasses all the inside waters of Saratoga Passage, Skagit Bay and Port Susan from Deception Pass in the north to Possession Point in the south. Currently we are partnering with Snohomish Marine Resources Committee, the Northwest Straits Commission, The Nature Conservancy and the Tulalip Tribes in discussions that could lead to designating a portion of the Saratoga Passage MSA as a separate, science-based Port Susan Marine Stewardship Area.

The Admiralty Inlet Marine Stewardship Area encompasses all the outside waters of Admiralty Inlet from Deception Pass to Possession Point.



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