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Shoreline Signage

To raise awareness of the assets of our nearshore and to instill an ethic of stewardship in residents and visitors, we have installed interpretive signage at 18 locations along the Island County shoreline. These signs are part of a larger, integrated, educational campaign that also includes:

  1. Marine Stewardship Areas (MSAs), adopted by the county in 2003.
  2. Shore Stewards, our frontline educational program for shoreline residents, launched in 2003.
  3. Getting to the Water's Edge, our shoreline access and stewardship guide published in 2006.
  4. The MRC website and its Stewardship Areas section

A generic Saratoga Passage or Admiralty Inlet Marine Stewardship Area panel is displayed at almost every location to explain marine stewardship and shoreline processes. At many sites, additional MRC signs are displayed alongside the generic sign to provide more detailed information about the history or attributes of the specific location.

Coupeville Wharf

Oak Harbor: Flintstone

Oak Harbor: Freund Marsh

Ebey's Landing

Double Bluff County Park

Maxwelton Beach

Langley: Cascade Avenue

Clinton Beach

Fort Ebey State Park

Keystone Jetty

Camano Island State Park

English Boom: Camano Island

Possession Beach

Freeland Park

Cama Beach State Park

Iverson Spit: Camano Island

West Beach: Whidbey

Deception Pass State Park: Cornet Bay


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